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Embarrassed Rich

Don’t feel awkward or ashamed about becoming wealthy90 day guarantee

Using hypnosis you can realign your core values and be happy in yourself no matter how rich you are.

Embarrassed Rich is a carefully written and powerful hypnosis module from Roger Elliott, one of the top hypnotherapists in the world.

Delivered as a relaxing audio hypnosis session designed by Roger and his team of psychologists and therapists, Embarrassed Rich helps stop those uncomfortable or guilty feelings concerning the difference between your wealth and the lack of others.

Narrator: Roger Elliott
Length: 23 mins 31 secs

Formats Available:
MP3 Download 10.9MB
CD (Inc. Free Shipping)

Guarantee: 90 days


Embarrassed Rich is produced by the world renowned therapists at Uncommon Knowledge and has been tested to show it’s lasting effectiveness. Uncommon Knowledge was formed in 1995, and have trained over 24,000 people at face-to-face events. They have served well over 600,000 hypnosis downloads and treated more than 5,000 patients in 1:1 therapy.

As with all Uncommon Knowledge products, Embarrassed Rich comes with a 90-day guarantee. Simply let them know within 90 days and they will refund you in full, with no questions asked (one order per customer).